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“College Admissions
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What every college-bound student and parent needs to know
2016 Library Seminars
through May
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To Register: Contact each of the organizations or libraries at the number shown below:

Date Day Time Location Phone #
4/4/2016 Monday 7:00PM Syosset Library 516-921-7161
4/6/2016 Wednesday 7:00PM Manhasset Library 516-627-2300
4/18/2016 Monday 7:00PM Great Neck Library 516-676-2130
5/16/2016 Monday 7:00PM Sid Jacobson JCC 516-367-6625
5/26/2016 Thursday 7:00PM CAAS – Syosset Library 516-367-6625

Your College Navigator…

  • Helps you identify and develop the skills, interests and talents of greatest interest to colleges
  • Shows you how to work smartly and effectively to develop your competitive edge
  • Helps you identify the ideal colleges for your personal success
  • Shows you how to make a unique connection with each college and be recognized, well before you apply
  • Helps you communicate your compelling story to each college through your applications and essays
  • Shows you how to maximize your scholarship and financial aid opportunities
  • Provides guidance throughout the entire college admissions process
We show you how to succeed in a competitive world!


  • “You showed me how to determine which colleges were really best for me and how to get colleges to want me, well before I applied. I had no idea that this was possible. It worked exactly as you said it would.”
    Keith R, attending Emory University
  • “You are inspiring. Thanks for all you do in support of the

What every college bound student and parent should know!

Today’s college admissions process is more complex and more competitive than just several years ago. Additionally, the two decade rise in the cost of college tuition makes the increase in healthcare and gas prices look tame.

Fortunately, with proper planning, students and families can:

  • Easily identify the best colleges for them based on their strengths, interests, and personality
  • Take concrete steps to help gain acceptance into

We turn High School students into outstanding college candidates!

We take the challenge of “getting-in” to college and reduce it to a question of “fitting-in”.  Based on your performance, personality and interests we work with you to select your best-fit colleges and reduce the challenge of “getting-in” to one of showing the college that you are a candidate that perfectly “fits-in”.  Our 5-Step Process, developed after significant research and interviews with more than 60 leading colleges is proven, unique and… Continue reading

The New Rules of College Admissions

Some of the challenges facing today’s students include:

  • Students are applying to an increased number of colleges, driving down admission rates
  • An even greater increase in the number of applicants applying to the more competitive schools
  • A significant increase in the number of quality international student applicants
  • It is more difficult to differentiate yourself based on academics since an increased number of students are taking