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The following articles are frequently of interest to students/parents during the college admissions process:


Article Source
How to Get Admissions Officers to Say Yes US News and World Report
Applying to college? Don’t make these 7 common mistakes Parents
Colleges Acknowledge SAT and ACT Score Cut-Offs in Admissions New York Times
Demonstrated Interest Education
How to Find a College That Fits You College Board
NY State College Quick Tips New York’s Private Colleges and Universities Articles/topics of interest to the student, parent and professional
The Campus as Runway NY Times, October 11, 2011
American Universities Woo High-Paying Foreign Students NY Times, February, 6, 2012
Chinese Students Paying U.S.Tuitions – How? And Why? International Herald Tribune, February 7, 2012
Record number of foreign students flocking to American colleges, study says Fox New, Nov 11, 2013
Gambling a College’s Reputation on Climbing the Rankings NY Times, Feb 1, 2012
3 College Trends the Class of 2021 Should Expect US News and World Report, Jan 4, 2016
Many Colleges Offer Affirmative Action for the Rich and Powerful Money, April 1, 2015
The Secret Quotas In College Admissions Forbes, July 6, 2015
2013 College Acceptance Rates New York Times 2013
As ‘yield rates’ fluctuate, colleges work to protect reputations USA Today Feb 7, 2015

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