We turn High School students into outstanding college candidates!

We take the challenge of “getting-in” to college and reduce it to a question of “fitting-in”.  Based on your performance, personality and interests we work with you to select your best-fit colleges and reduce the challenge of “getting-in” to one of showing the college that you are a candidate that perfectly “fits-in”.  Our 5-Step Process, developed after significant research and interviews with more than 60 leading colleges is proven, unique and innovative.  Over the past several years, hundreds of students have successfully followed this process to select and get into their top choice colleges.  They also have the comfort that that they have maximized their scholarship and financial aid offerings.

A brief summary of the professional guidance we provide:

  • Quickly identify best-fit colleges to match each student’s strengths, interests, learning style and personality
  • Strategies to maximize, scholarship, grant and financial aid opportunities at each college
  • Detailed “How to Visit Guide”, including departments to meet with, recommended questions to ask, areas to explore and ways to evaluate the colleges
  • Well thought-out high-probability, target, and reach college recommendations
  • Strategies and guidance on how to show the college that you are a “perfect- fit” and an outstanding candidate
  • Assistance with development of essay(s) , theme selection, brag sheet, reference selection, interview preparation, activity lists and demonstrated interest
  • Information, insight, direction, and support throughout the entire process


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